Saskatoon Minor Hockey Association (SMHA) Forms: 

Forms Required by Coaches & Managers: 

2024-2025 SMHA Player Affiliation Form (AP Form)

Suspension Rules of Thumb

2023-2024 Hockey Sask Coaching Certification Requirements summary - all age groups and levels. Note: 2024-25 requirements will be postd once Hockey Sask finalizes

2024-2025 SMHA Coaching Clinic Schedule - Dates, Times, Locations and Registration Costs - will be posted September 1, 2024


SMHA Blank Practice Planning Sheet

Coaches Equipment and Tools Checklist

2024-25 Hockey Saskatchewan Sask First Dates

Managers Information:

SMHA Communication Flowchart for Parents

SMHA Ice Time Change Form - Note- this form is due 10 days in advance of ice time change. Plan Ahead!  (Click Here For Info On How To Change A Practice or Game)

Hockey Canada Off-Ice Officials' Manual

Team Managers' Checklist


SMHA Bus Manifest Template - Required to be used by all SMHA teams for all team bus trips

Sanction and Permit Requests - for use by Saskatoon MHA teams only

**Important: Exhibition Games are not permitted until November 15th for U9 & U11 and until December 1st for U7

**Important: Tournaments are not permitted until November 15th for U11 and until December 1st for U7 & U9

**Important: Travel Permits will not be issued to U13 - U18 teams to attend tournaments during SMHA City Playoffs in March or during SMHA Provincial Playoffs.

SMHA Player Registration:

2024-25 Registration SMHA Proof of Residence Form

2024--2025 Late Registration Application (Post-August 20, 2024) to SMHA for Players within SMHA Boundaries - will be posted August 21, 2024


Registration Funding Assistance:

Click here for the list of funding opportunities available to our minor hockey familes.

Memorial Cup Legacy Funding for SMHA Players - Assistance with Team Fees

Memorial Cup Legacy Fund Referral Form - use for teams to refer a family for funding

Codes of Conduct: 

SMHA Code of Conduct - General

SMHA Coaches Code of Conduct with signature area

SMHA Social Networking Policy

SMHA Parents Code of Conduct and Discipline Procedures

SMHA Board of Directors Code of Conduct

Parent Respect in Sport Online Course

Sample Documents for SMHA Teams to Use as Templates: 

Sample Team Timekeeping / Scorekeeping Work Schedule for Parents

Sample Game Sheet with instructions on how to complete properly

Sample Game Sheet Showing Proper Recording of Double Minor Penalty

Sample Team Budget

Sample Team Budget Using Individual Parent Accounts

Pre-Season Parent Package Example Courtesy of Colin Parenteau / Saskatoon Maniacs

Pre-Season Player Information Forms Courtesy of Mike Zambon / Saskatoon Frostbite

New to the Game? Information to Help You Get Started: 

Hockey Equipment Checklist - what a player needs to play hockey

Expectations of Hockey Parents - Beyond the Registration Fee Payment

Cost of minor hockey broken down

Game Timing Information: 

Regular Season Game Timing Information for all SMHA teams

SMHA Playoffs: 

SMHA Provincial Playoff Game Timing and Rules - (U13A and U13B)

SMHA Provincial Playoff Game Timing and Rules - U13 Female, U15 & U18

2025 SMHA City Playoff Rules and Game Timing Information - double knock out format

2024-25 SMHA City Playoffs - applicable to the following 10 SMHA leagues:

-U13A, U13B, U13C, Female U13C, U15A, U15B, U15C, U18A, U18B & U18C
-Format: Double Knock-Out unless otherwise noted for a league.
-City Playoffs for each league will typically start 2-5 days after the last regular season game.
-City Playoffs will conclude by March 31st

SMHA Concession Application Information: 

2024-25 SMHA Concession Application Process & Deadlines for Zones and Interlock Associations Re: team numbers and grids

Template information for the Concession Application - Must be followed

SMHA Awards: 

SMHA Awards Nomination Form - submit by March 7th to your home zone

Criminal Record Check

SASKATOON POLICE SERVICE - all registered team officials on SMHA teams must have a current clean CRC - REQUIRED BY NOVEMBER 20 EACH HOCKEY SEASON. 
**Exception:  U18AAA, Saskatoon AA Hockey teams and SMHA U15A City Wide teams - required date is November 1st of each season.

** Note: The application in the link below ust be accompanied by an original CRC Authorization letter signed by SMHA Executive Director, Kelly Boes.  Otherwise, the team official submitting the CRC form will be required to pay the full $75.00 for the CRC with Vulnerable Sector search vs. SMHA being invoiced $10.00 for the CRC.  Authorization letters are distributed by SMHA zones to teams.  If additional letters are required, please contact your Zone Commissioner.

Hockey Sask Forms:

HOCKEY SASK Travel Permit - USA - Please contact Kelly Boes at SMHA to inquire

Hockey Sask Scholarship Application

FAQ About Hockey Sask / Hockey Canada Insurance

HOCKEY SASK Concession Application


Hockey Canada (HC) Forms: 

Hockey Canada Medical Information Form - Coaches should have all players complete and keep on hand at all games and practices

Hockey Canada Return to Play Form for Physician to Sign

How to Complete a Hockey Canada Insurance Claim

Hockey Canada - Concussions

Hockey Canada Co-ed Dressing Room Policy

Hockey Canada Female Hockey Guide

Coaching Tools: