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Mar 31 2024

#ThanksStripes Weekend January 12-14, 2024

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The weekend of January 12-14, 2024 is Thanks Stripes Weekend in Saskatchewan.

Let's do our part in Saskatoon and area!

Here are some ways that we can all contribute to saying a big THANK YOU to our on-ice officials for the great work that they do:

- Say THANK YOU to the refs in your games this weekend before and/or after your games. This is something we can all do more of all the time!  Players, coaches and parents can all do this. 

- Tell the officials they are doing great and keep it up! Remember, referees do not have full time coaches like our players do so they don't get a "way to go" or a pat on the back after a good shift or good game.

- COMPLETELY refrain from yelling at your game officials!

- Have your team present a $5 or $10 Tim's card to each official in your game so they can grab a hot chocolate or two on the way home from games. This would be so very appreciated by your game officials!

Finally, let's show a little love on social media to our officials:

Please use the hashtag #ThanksStripes on social media posts to show the zebras your appreciation for them during the weekend.

Thank you for whatever you can do to make this Thanks Stripes Weekend special for our on-ice officials!


"It does not cost anything to be kind."

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